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Surf & Turf Meat Market
  • Wild-Caught – Sustainable – Sourced from Ecuador

    Includes one 6oz block of tuna

    The second most popular fish consumed by Americans now comes delivered fresh-frozen straight to your door, ready to be thawed and made into your favorite sushi or sashimi. 

    Our wild caught Ahi Tuna has a mild and meaty taste with a firm and moist texture that makes it your best option for making restaurant-quality sushi/sashimi right in the comfort of your own home. Perfect lean fish to eat if you’re not trying to consume too much fat.

    • Wild-caught
    • High-protein, low fat
    • Perfect for tuna tartare, poke, ceviche
    • Mild, meaty flavor
    • Fresh, flash-frozen at sea
Sushi-Grade Quality - Wild-Caught – Product of Asia
One 8-10 saku = "block"
Our seafood is sustainably sourced from all over the world. Flash frozen at sea to preserve freshness, our seafood also maintains it's quality taste and nutrients with a durable shelf-life.
Your local Surf & Turf Meat Market order will be delivered to you on the same day if your order was placed before 2 pm, any orders placed after 2 pm will be shipped the following day. Shipping costs are $5 flat rate up until $50. After that, we provide you with free shipping.